a few statements.

So the past week, living in youghal really havent been THAT bad! Im still seeing the people i wanna see! just alot less and im going to town every weekend anyways and i have my laptop to keep in contact with em.. .

Something happened last night, something that should of made me cry for hours, but i didn’t at all… infect it had like an opposite affect on me, which is good i guess…means i dont care! Wooo! 😛

mum also offered to buy my Djmarkey ticket for me ..resssuulllt (y)

oh People add my msn yer : Dino_whore@hotmail.com 😀


Hungover thoughts

Yesh so i was thinking alot last night/Today about so much stuff, so my minds a mess! So if my life actually, i on’t know weather im coming or going with some people, (parents, college, work exp, friends etc..) I dont know what im going to do for the rest of college, like i have Fuck all done literally, but thats my fault, for being such a badass partyer xP

Myself n kerry

So next week, (starting tomorow) I’m going to have to get my act together, I need to do LOADS of Assignments, and if im honest im not going to get them all done, even if i start now and dont stop untll next monday…

Tomorow i must go into the big massiivee town of youghal to buy some red hair dye or sum shit cas i am well bored  of my hair being faded and junk its soooome balls! I hate going into town though, i dont like people looking at me for ages and pulling puzzled faces, That didn’t happen when i lived in the city, no one would look at me twice in the street, and thats the way i liked it, here, i stick out like a sore thumb & it makes it very difficult for me to get work exp! They tell me if i want work exp then i have to dye my hair and take out my metal!

They can suck a fuck! for two weeks, i will in my Gant!! Dx

Anyway! i really do need to sort stuff out… in all areas of my life (: Should be fun!

Oh also two of my best friends are leaving the country in september to fled to scotland the gaylords are leaving me behind, but as i said to sylv, True friends never part , im sure il meet her again sometime in our lifetimes ❤

Hangin’ out with masta cheif! xD

Partyed at pierces new gaff last night, got twisted and played Halo3 ALL night! xD Against Pierce!  I a ledgend with a sniper now (:  Im in a bad way today though, and i dont get hangovers usually, but i be gawkin al over the gaff and all

Pretty Sexy!

Things are looking up!

This morning i woke up in rachels farmiliar bed (: with an unfarmiliar rash on my face! I think rachels bed gave me posion ivy xD

I went and collected my brother, and when i got back up my friend cian had left me a facebook message saying he wanted to use me as a model in his photography! This made me happy for a little while!

then if things couldnt get any better rachel arrives looking like a vision in the desert!xD  Weve been invited to a party on saturday! atleast it will take us away from the dive for a day! were gunna hang out with poeple too, get drunk , get hair dye etc! Speaking of hair… i really wanna have blonde hair, but after dying it red theres no chance of that happening! 😦 so i was thinking pink, or green, or both?

Shauna also needs a job! rachel and i need to get back up to the city asap, We dont wanna marry micheal beecher! 😦 well rach might, but i dont xD ahaha! rachel and the coal man, to be honest i think she might have her eye on another ahem…man! xD

Its a lovely day outside and i think me and rachel should go out, cept were both sloths, and i have aids on my face 😛

1st proper day back in youghal

This is going to be a short blog belive me.

dragged myslef out of bed about one o clock, barely got dressed, and turned on the laptop, The reason im so addicted to facebook is cause im waiting for something to happen, which in itself is pretty sad. Anyway! rachel called up and we went into town, visited a friend, which was nice to catch up, but then i left to go back home to my internet solitude.

i fail haha.

This was a good day in youghal

Goodbye Cave

Last Night I threw a small social gathering… I was really happy about the people that had shown up! & and things were going pretty well… Untill the Landlord (moleman) called to the door and was all bitchy and shit, And sylv Fuuucked her out of it! it was Hilarious!! but alas we knew we had to move out… I had no money left over and no one was helping me out,.. Mostly my own fault tho!

So today i moved all my shizzle out of my room back to youghal, and iv only been here 4 hours and i want to die already! I doubt i can take a soild week here really!Parents are no help there treating me like im 10.. its so awfull! i also have hardly anyone to hang around with , which is kinda sucky!

I really can’t Explain how bad it is here without the people i need in cork…

Cave & sylv ❤

New Blog

Iv decided to move my blogging to Word press because the set up is easier and theres more people to follow on it (:

Hmm .. well college year is ending now. Im going to have to move home soon, which is so awfull, i really dont wanna leave the friends i have made here in cork  and at the cave, Sylv , Shane, Kerry, conner even haha! all the lads.. and going out in freakscene and having your own gaff to go home to sleep in is the joob like!

So im kinda feeling crap, having no money and having to leave home and stuff . Moving back in with my parents is not going to be easy , but im determind to get a job so i can move back up in september!  i wont be able to stick life in youghal forever, destined to marry the local Butcher or something! haha theres like 3 butchers so thats an option!

Last night Me rachel and Sylv went out pubbing, Sylv didnt make it to the club tho, she just wanted to go home god love her, her and her age now she cant be staying out too late =P

I love sylv, i cant leave her =/

The Past few weeks people have been calling me a scene kid, i hate that so much ><